Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum pages can be viewed to show details of what is being taught in school this academic year.  If you wish to know more about our curriculum, please contact the school.  Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.  To find out more about the National Curriculum, click on the link.

The curriculum at Stedham Primary School goes beyond the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, as set out in the documents on this page.   In order to fulfil our statutory requirements to promote the spiritual, social, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life we also build the following opportunities into our provision:


Collective Worship

Each day the children partake in an act of collective worship, either in their class or as a whole school. Although we are not a church school we maintain strong links with our local church . We also invite a range of guests and speakers in to take assemblies through the year.


Visits and Trips

Groups or whole classes of children are taken on visits and trips, both within our locality and further afield. The rationale for these visits is that they will enhance and add to the learning that can be achieved within the classroom. Every other year our Year 5 and 6 pupils also go on residential.


In-School Enrichment

We have enrichment days or sometimes full weeks when we come away from the National Curriculum and the children experience learning beyond the NC specifications, for example an arts week, a Thai Day or a Dinosaur week.


Big Write, Big Maths and Big Investigate Days

Each term, in order for children to experience, learn and practice in greater depth we hold whole days of writing, maths and investigative science which are sometimes linked to topics and sometimes discrete.


Locality Enrichment

We work closely with the 14 other schools in our locality to deliver a programme of enrichment activities through the year which some of our pupils attend.


Sporting Activities

Our locality runs an inter school netball and football league and we also enter locality sports tournaments such as netball, football and rounders.


And all the other things….

There are so many other opportunities for our pupils that arise each school year and when we can see that they will benefit from them we take part. These opportunities have included singing at the Rotary Music Festival, Dancing at our locality BBC 10 pieces concert and taking part in a Democracy Day run by Chichester District Council.


Our curriculum is currently reviewed every year because the structure of the school changes annually due to differing year group sizes.