Governors Information and Duties

Stedham Primary School has an active Governing Body consisting of 9 governors, several of whom are also parents at the school. The Governors’ aim is to ensure that the school delivers the best possible education for the children and this is achieved through:

  • Having a strategic overview of the school and working closely with the Headteacher to ensure than an appropriate School Improvement Plan is in place.

  • Diligently carrying out statutory governor roles such as agreeing and monitoring the school’s budget, ensuring that appropriate policies are in place and up to date and in particular, ensuring that safeguarding is in place – providing a safe and happy learning environment for our children.

  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school and acting as a ‘critical friend’ by both challenging and supporting the school.

The Governing Body considers itself accountable to the school community and always welcomes comments or suggestions from parents.


The whole Governing Body deals with all business and so there are no committees, although different areas of monitoring are allocated to pairs or groups of governors. As needed, working parties are created to deal with specific issues or projects.


The Governing Body can be emailed directly at [email protected] (until a Federation email is set up.)

The full details of the Governing Body (current and those who have served within the last 12 months) are below. 

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The minutes of our Governing Body meetings are below.