Vision and Ethos

Our Vision

To build on our strengths as a small and sustainable village school, attracting families by offering the best possible combination of good educational and personal development for all young children.


As a village school, with small year groups, we offer:

  • the flexibility to provide great teaching tailored to the individual needs of every child – “stage not age”

  • great teaching to promote high standards and accelerated progress

  • a friendly environment which develops confident learners who are not afraid to make mistakes

  • a sharing community with moral purpose, integrity and high standards of conduct, where every child is proud to wear the uniform of our school

  • a welcoming atmosphere where every child and adult feels valued and respects each other

  • a staff team committed to enriching our curriculum and helping to develop well-rounded individuals

  • a small school in a beautiful setting in which children feel safe, secure and to which they enjoy coming

  • We work with our local community and with others to ensure the continuous development of this gem of a school.

Our Ethos

As a rural village school in the heart of the South Downs, not tied to any one religious faith, we have the perfect setting to sustain a school that can offer wider opportunities for children to develop their own way – and we aim to provide the perfect balance between high expectations and inclusive care.

High expectations of all

At Stedham Primary School we strive for continuous improvement of our teaching and learning by having the highest expectations of our staff and pupils at all times. Every adult in the school knows every child. We challenge each and every child to strive for academic, creative and personal accomplishment within our stimulating, broad and enriched curriculum. Alongside this we aim to offer enrichment opportunities which excite and motivate our children, both in weekly afternoon sessions and in enrichment weeks, in order to develop ‘the whole child’.

Passion for learning

We want our pupils to have time to explore a wide range of subjects, developing a deep level of understanding and a passion for learning. We model, encourage and then expect perseverance and risk taking. We want Stedham Primary School to be a place where children see mistakes and failures as learning opportunities, a place where children learn resilience. We encourage our children to have the confidence to take responsibility for their own learning, to self-motivate and motivate others, to think creatively around problems and to become independent so that they will be able to cope with the ever-changing world of the 21st century. We want to offer our children extra-curricular opportunities and learning that will stay with them as useful skills and memories for life.

Stage not age

At Stedham we promote a ‘stage not age’ ethos; with our small year groups and staff team, we have the flexibility to tailor learning to each child’s developmental needs and next steps. We strive to offer a flexible learning environment to meet the requirements of each individual. We believe in early identification of and intervention or extension for both the most able pupils and those with Special Educational Needs.

Inclusive community

Stedham Primary is an inclusive school. We are not a church school and so we value the beliefs of all faiths as well as respecting those who have no faith. We want all our pupils to enjoy coming to school and be keen to learn. We work hard to establish and maintain open and honest lines of communication with our families, working with them to improve attendance and remove barriers so that every child has the opportunity to excel in their learning and every family genuinely feels a valued and accepted part of our school community. We aim to strengthen this sense of community within school by regularly delivering activities linked to an enrichment programme run in mixed age groups across the whole school. To strengthen our wider community links we invite the families and neighbours into the school for both formal and informal events and we take opportunities to go out into our local community.
We have worked together as a whole school community to develop school values which are embedded in all areas of school life. We have chosen 5 words which we all believe are essential qualities to aim for in order to prepare our children for the world outside school, which are set out below.