School Improvement Plan

We have identified three key whole school targets for the financial year, informed by outcomes in 2017-18 and the outcome of our January 2018 OFSTED inspection as well as broader priorities:

To secure further improvement in pupils’ attainment and progress in English and maths across the school so that:

  • attainment continues to move in line with national levels at the end of Key Stage 1
  • progress continues to move in line with national levels by the end of Key Stage 2
  • there is an increase the proportion of pupils who reach the higher standards in reading, writing and mathematics across the school

Improve provision and practice in science and foundation subjects so that the level of challenge and pupil outcomes matches those in English and maths lessons

Further develop reading provision across the school in order to improve pupil outcomes, promote reading for pleasure and engage parents and carers in our reading community


In addition, each core curriculum area and the Early Years have their own Action Plans.

The School Improvement Plan and the Action Plans are reviewed at the beginning of each term by the teaching staff and Senior Leadership Team. Progress against the School Improvement Plan is monitored by the Governing Body each half term. All plans run across financial years in order that they tie in closely with the school budget. Completed plans are evaluated and new plans written every March, ready for the beginning of the Summer Term each year.