Staff at Stedham

 We are incredibly proud of all our staff at Stedham Primary School, each one works tirelessly to make sure that each individual child is given the best possible education in order to reach their individual potential.
Please contact any member of staff through the office@stedham email address.

Mr Malcolm Meaby


This is Mr Meaby, our headteacher. Mr Meaby is a great headteacher because he is energetic, fun and very kind. He has a great sense of humor and is very exciting!
His favourite thing about working at Stedham is:
The way that all pupils mix so well and play together. The older children love to look after the youngest pupils and help make their breaktimes fun
Mr Meaby loves sport and has always really enjoyed watching Stedham compete in the Rother Valley sports tournaments held at MRC.

Mr Tim Noble

Rabbits Class Teacher

Mrs Hannah Dinnis-Searle

Hedgehogs Teacher

Mrs Anne Rudolph

Foxes Class Teacher

Miss Claire Murphy


Miss Murphy works at Stedham on a Tuesday - she loves spending time in the classroom seeing children make the connections with their learning - having a real wow moment! Miss Murphy is always available to meet with parents and support the teachers the help children when they are finding learning or school a little bit tricky. With over 15 years experience as a SENCO and a Level 7 Award for Specific Learning Disorder; Dyslexia, Miss Murphy's knowledge is vast.

Mrs Emma Cella

Rabbits Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucy Tollington

Hedgehogs Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sally Cook

Foxes Teaching Assistant

Mrs Polly Strike

Office Administrator

Mrs Lucy Rawlinson

Office Administrator