Key Information for parents

Bringing & Collecting Your Children

We try very hard to work happily alongside our neighbours in School Lane so please ensure that you do not park on their grass verges or across the entrance to their premises. Please park with consideration at all times to ensure safety and access for through traffic.

School Security

The school gate is locked at 9.00am. If you arrive with your child after this time please use the buzzer on the entrance gate to request entry. At the end of the day, the gate is unlocked from 3.20-3.40pm. 


We expect children to be well behaved and polite, respecting other children and adults and their property. We consider behaviour to be the shared responsibility of the parent and the school. Positive behaviour is praised and reinforced. If we are concerned about a child’s behaviour, we shall contact parents to discuss the problem and how best the child can be helped. (For more information please see our behaviour policy). 

Cycling and Scooting to School

The school has bike racks to store bicycles and scooters during the day around the back of the building. However, anyone leaving a bicycle or scooter in the school grounds does so at their own risk. 

Emergency Contact

If you change your address, place of work or telephone number, please notify the school office immediately. It is important that we have these in case of illness or an accident during the school day. In all cases of emergency the Headteacher will endeavour to get in touch with the parents concerned but if this is not possible they will act on the advice of the Medical Officer consulted. 

FOSS (Friends of Stedham School)

The school has a PTA (Parent and Teacher Association) of which all parents and teachers are automatically members. Once a year an AGM is held to elect the Committee members. There are regular committee meetings through the year. The association supports educational, social and fundraising events. The school has a strong tradition of parental support. Many extra items and events including playground equipment and trips to the pantomime, CASS Sculpture Park and Petworth House have been purchased or taken place through money raised by parents and teachers. 

Wrap Around Care

At Stedham Primary School we understand that many parents cannot drop off or pick up their child at the start and end of the school day. We feel it is very important to offer wrap-around care for children attending the school. We offer a range of sports clubs that will hopefully not only give parents an opportunity to catch their breath after work before picking their children up, but also provide the children at these clubs with an exciting, worthwhile, and enjoyable extracurricular experience they may not otherwise receive in school hours. 


Every morning 
Early Morning Club 
 School Staff 
Multi-sports and games 
Mrs Rudolph and Mr Meaby 
Multi-Sports Club 
Aspire Coaching 
N.B: All bookings and payments need to go directly through Aspire Coaching - 
Cricket Club  
 Mr Noble & Mrs Dinnis  


 Charging for School Activities

The school will continue to provide as many opportunities for the children as possible so that they may have a broad and balanced curriculum. Trips and enrichment activities can provide an important learning experience. The school will inform parents by letter of events and visits to be organised and their purpose. A donation will be requested towards the cost. Every child will be able to participate in the activity regardless of whether or not a financial donation has been made on its behalf. In rare situations, planned trips may not go ahead if there are not enough financial contributions to make it viable. 


Homework is an extension and reinforcement of work in school and includes reading at home. Teachers appreciate feedback from parents as to how their children coped with the homework activities. Please see the homework policy for further information. 

Home-School Agreements

We ask parents and children to enter into a partnership with the school to work together. This agreement sets out the responsibilities of everyone involved. 


Please do not allow your child to bring toys or other personal items to school. If items are lost, mislaid or damaged, it can cause distress to the child. Any toys brought into school except those specifically requested by a class teacher will be stored in the classroom until the end of the day. 


We are committed to challenging attitudes that promote racial discrimination and inequality, ensuring respect for all and preparing all pupils for life in a culturally diverse society.  

The Arrangements for Consideration of Complaints

The Governing Body has adopted a set procedure for dealing with general complaints made by parents or others about the conduct of the School or the actions of a member of its staff.  

Parent/Teacher Consultations

Throughout the year parents have the opportunity to meet with their child(ren)’s class teacher(s). This may be by the formal consultation evenings held in the autumn and spring terms, or by individual appointments made with the class teacher. Parents also receive a written report in the summer term.

If you wish to discuss your child's progress at any other time throughout the year, please arrange an appointment to discuss the matter before or after school. 

Illness at School

In general, it is the duty of parents to collect an unwell or injured child.  We need parents’ home and work numbers for use in an emergency, so please keep us up to date with any changes of telephone numbers or addresses.

When your child has had a stomach upset or sickness, it is important that you allow a period of at least 48 hours after the sickness has finished before sending him/her back to school.  Such action will help to prevent the infection spreading unnecessarily to others in the school. 


Parents should inform the school immediately of any medical condition which may affect their child during the school day. The school can only administer medicines prescribed by a doctor. Most medicines can now be effectively administered outside school hours e.g. three doses a day courses of antibiotics. A form for administering of medicine in school is available from the school office and must be completed before any medicine can be administered.

All medicines brought to school should be in the original packaging with the dispensing label on, so that we can confirm the contents, child’s name and dosage and/or other instructions from the doctor. The parent should hand all medicines personally to a member of the office staff. Any unused medicine will be returned to the parent. 


If either parent or teacher is concerned about the health or wellbeing of a child then the child can be referred to the School Nurse.  The School Nurse no longer checks for head lice. Regular checking and treating children with a generous amount of hair conditioner and then combing with a fine toothcomb is an effective way of ensuring that your child’s hair is free of head lice.  If head lice are found, please treat immediately.

Milk at School

All Reception children up to their fifth birthday are entitled to a carton of milk each day at school.  Once they reach their fifth birthday, parents can still order milk online for them to have each day through Cool Milk.