Severe Weather and Sun Safety Information

In the case of severe weather conditions, we will make every effort to keep the school open but because of the fact that we are in a rural setting, this may not always be possible. If weather conditions are so severe that it is not safe or suitable for children and staff to travel to school the follow procedures will be initiated:

Procedures in the Event of Closure

A number of factors are taken into account before any decision to close is made:

• Reports about the weather or any other conditions that might affect the safe opening and running of the school

• Availability of staff (the majority do not live locally and they make long journeys to work)

• Safety of students and staff in terms of making journeys to and from school, and also safety on site

• Road conditions including School Lane which does not get gritted or cleared when it snows (and is then very icy in the following days as the snow melts and then re-freezes)


Closure will be announced in the following ways:

Our website

Local radio – we will notify Spirit FM of our closure as soon as possible and it will be announced on air

West Sussex CC website – the direct link is 

A text will also be sent to all parents using our School Comms service


Reporting Student Absence

If the school is open but due to your location your child is unable to get in please notify any absence by telephone before 9.10am.


Closure during the day

Very rarely the weather changes unexpectedly during the school day. If this occurs, parents will be contacted by text to let them know that an early closure decision has been taken, followed up by a phone call if texts are not delivered. Supervision will always be in place up to 3.30pm for children who need to remain in school if they cannot be collected immediately.
We are a Sun Safe Schools accredited school.  Please see our policy and sun safety factsheet below.

Sun Safety Fact Sheet

Sun Policy